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How To Wipe A Hard Drive?

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Introducing Your Parents To The World Of The Internet

Millions of us log on every day, whether it’s with a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The internet has become an essential tool for many of us, whether it’s for communicating with friends and colleagues, trying to market a product, looking for a new job or for doing the weekly shop when we’re pressed for...


The Mobile Cloud: Tech it Out


Ten years ago, there was a comfortable divide between non-tech and IT employees. Cumbersome, seemingly confrontational desktop programs needed the touch of an IT administrator, and any user without a significant technology background couldn’t hope to understand the temperamental nature of such software. Combined with...


MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro


Are you thinking of becoming a “Mac Person” or are you simply in the market for a new MacBook and can’t decide which to buy? There are plenty of good reasons to buy either one of these 13-inch laptops, but how do you know which...


iPhone 4s vs. iPhone 4


If you’ve never held an iPhone then you probably think that they are all the same, and you’d be wrong. While Apple does love to stick with a very similar design element and functionality, they do tend to make small enhancements to keep you constantly...


How To Install Windows 7 On Mac


It should come as no surprise that Mac computers are considered superior machines. But that must mean then, that all Apple software is superior to those of let’s say…Windows, right? If that’s the case then why do Mac users regularly opt to use the Windows...